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🙌 FREE shipping from $70 - PROMOTION in progress ->
🙌 FREE shipping from $70 - PROMOTION in progress ->

Our history

Birth of Tite chouette

It all started with a little car!

About 10 months old, our daughter wanted to roll anything that came in her hand (or mouth).

Knowing that our little owl put absolutely everything in her mouth, all the time, and that her daddy is a designer by profession, it was imperative to find eco-friendly toys with incredible design.

Sorry Mr. Plastic you're not welcome!"

So we set out to find him a car and fell in love with the design of the cars from Candylab Toys. A true love at first sight! We have to admit, the little ice cream vans are to die for.

We found a few models for sale, but we thought we could provide these at great prices by selling them, for example, exclusively online.

Customer experience designer, amateur photographer, with the entrepreneurial fiber, the dad of the little owl didn't take long to make the decision to launch an online store entirely dedicated to wooden toys.

As you will have understood, the name of the store is the nickname given to our daughter, but it's also the very first item we bought her, a musical owl.

Who is it for: Tite chouette

The online store is for adults who want to offer durable, high quality, safe toys with personality.

Toys for demanding people

Once you have played with wooden objects, you make the difference and feel more pleasure than with plastic.

Wood is a material with character and pleasant to the touch.
In addition, a wooden toy lasts in time.

We believe that durable and stylish toys are important in a child's development. The products we select don't just make kids happy. Let's face it, they make you fall in love with them too.

You're destined to play long hours with your kids, so you get to indulge.

In fact, it's not uncommon for the little owl's dad to be caught playing, alone, with his daughter's cars.

The Promise

Safe Toys

We don't mess around with safety!

As we told you, our toys are tested by our little tester-in-chief. We select these manufacturers for the design of their toys, but also for their commitments.

Brands like Vilac, for example, design games/toys from wood from sustainably managed forests. They are made of lacquers and paints, are tested and guarantee, without risk, the passage of toys from hands to mouth. They are also free of allergens, phthalates and lead.

All the brands we have selected have North American or European certifications.

A quality toy

So you will only find wooden toys on our store!

We are always picking out amazing new products. Most of the toys are hard to find in Quebec because they come from the United States or France (like Vilac or Djeco).

If you are a Canadian manufacturer of wooden toys, we will be happy to offer them on our website. You can contact us using this form.

The toys go through the hands of our chief tester, but also through those of her little friends from the daycare. Having become an expert on toy approvals, I think it's safe to say that our little owl has the best parents in the world!

A Commitment to Price

When the idea first came up, it was unthinkable for us not to offer the best prices. We want to keep our margins as low as possible, in order to provide the toys at the best prices.

An impeccable experience

Created by discerning consumers, with quality service at heart, we listen to our customers' requests.

We strive to make your shopping experience as user-friendly as possible.

We are constantly improving and innovating.

Did you enjoy your surprise that went into your order?