Enter the soft and poetic world of the French toy brand Moulin Roty

About Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty, it & # x27; s more than a brand. It is a human adventure, that of a group of passionate friends who is at the origin of the creation of the brand in 1980. For nearly 50 years, Moulin Roty makes young and old dream.

Through the selection ofwooden toys that we offer you, come and discover an imaginary and childish universe full ofsweetness,fancy andtenderness.

Recognized for thequality of its products,Moulin Roty created toys of old and authentic inspiration brought up to date, to explain to the little ones whates old-fashioned toys and gamess, and for older children, find the objects that rocked their childhood.
Numerous collections which are declined throughbeautiful toyseach time with a universe and a unique story.

The products pass into the hands of passionate people with exceptional know-how who pay particular attention to detail. This is what makes theproduct quality. All while respecting theEuropean standards ofquality andsecurity relating to toys.
YesMoulin Roty has been a dream of children for so many years, it is thanks to its creativity, its originality and its ability to always reinvent itself in universes increasingly touching and funny.

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Olga's journey

Mom Olga, a wild goose takes flight with its young,Bamboo,Feather andDart, to discover the world. They will travel the great outdoors, to distant lands, high in the sky, above seas and mountains.

His path crosses that ofSock the fox, and her little one Small Sock ». Then the merry troop grows with Joséphine the Blue Whale, reassuring and maternal, andWhite bear pomc.
A soft collection,travel and poetry.
Embark on Olga's back, for an imaginary worldre…

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In the jungle

Illustrated in the workshops ofMoulin Roty,Pakou,Zimba,Koco andPaloma  are four animals with sparkling colors that play, explore and dance among the jungle foliage!

A colorful universe that offers a wide range ofwooden toys, while remaining focused on activity for toddlerss.
Each character hasseveral activities for awakening, the to touch, l’hearing and theview.

A resolutely playful and colorful collection, where you let yourself be carried to the rhythm of music !

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The embroidery workshop

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