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🙌 FREE shipping from $70 - PROMOTION in progress ->

About Le Toy Van

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Founded in 1995, Le Toy Van Limited is a small family business with a big heart. It specializes in luxury children's toys, based in Surrey, England.
It was by wanting to help his neighbors to model a model of the works of their house that Georges Le Van, a Norman living in London, realized that at that time there were few affordable dollhouses. So he began to make his first wooden dollhouse by hand in his garden shed and soon after, Le Toy Van was born.
All of their toys are designed in-house in the UK and are ethically produced in Indonesia.

At Le Toy Van, fun is taken seriously and, as they like to say, they seriously have fun doing it! They are big children at heart. All toys are developed by in-house creatives with a big dose of French flair provided by the Le Van family.
The company likes the idea that children have small hands but big imaginations.


Innovative and ethical toys

Le Toy Van is passionate and proud to design innovative toys that encourage early learning through imagination and role play. They bring multiple dimensions of learning toddlers live a Montessori style learning experience, excellent for their cognitive development.

“Replant, reuse, recycle, this is Le Toy Van's maxim. 

Ethically made from sustainable rubberwood, the company ensures that the wood for toys comes from sustainable forests. Wooden toys are handcrafted only in certified ethical factories, providing career opportunities and services to local families.

The toys are hand finished and take special care in creating environments in which children can identify and immerse themselves, respecting traditional play values.


Le Toy Van toys are developed in the UK by the highly experienced in-house design team. All toys are designed to meet rigorous EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. The in-house and on-site quality team ensures the delivery of a consistently high quality product for which Le Toy Van is acclaimed.

Le Toy Van toys are ethically manufactured by our trusted partners and validated by the ICTI and ISO 9001 seal of approval. With a reputation to uphold, there are rigorous and comprehensive programs and certification for quality, safety and durability. Using natural materials including quality smooth rubber wood, legal traceable and an array of techniques from hand screen printing to water coloring, these detailed hand finished toys are unique and loved by little girls. hands.

The safety of your child is the number one priority for Le Toy Van. Rigorous testing is carried out and regularly exceeds toy safety standards. The paint used is safe and non-toxic and the edges are guaranteed child-safe, for safe play every day.

Tested by children, young and old!

If little kids don't like it, it's back to the drawing board!


Our available collections

Honeybake / Playfood collection and role play

This adorable collection is designed to build a child's confidence, creativity and social skills through fun and imaginative role play. These toys encourage children to step into a character and play out real-life scenarios, while learning through their play.
The style is traditional with a touch of modernity. These toys will be game favorites for generations to come.

This is Le Toy Van's most award-winning collection, covering all aspects of Honeybake design, quality, safety, playability and educational value.

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Petilou Collection / Baby and toddler

Very pretty collection designed for curious little hands (and mouths) - non-toxic water-based paints, rounded edges and no small parts - ensure safe play every day, while the sturdy wood construction means they will remain favorites for years to come. Colors, sounds, textures, everything is there to stimulate curiosity and encourage the child.

Traditional Petilou wooden toys are quickly becoming family favorites for generations to come.


Discover the collection