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About North shape

North Shape history and vision

North Shape was founded by three young fathers, both for their friends and their children. "The children's passion, their creativity and their ability to appreciate even the little things inspired us to start this business." The idea was born: "To create toys not only for children, but also for the child who sleeps in each of us". So, North Shape toys are designed to appeal to everyone, regardless of age, and can serve as home decor or office gadgets for big boys (and big girls).

From the start, North Shape toys were designed to be produced with respect for the environment. This is why the company is committed to creating totally ecological products and plastic free , from the model to the packaging itself. Toys and decorations are handcrafted from Polish beech wood from responsibly managed forests, colored and coated with paints and oils non-toxic .


Clever design, natural materials and a philosophy of waste reduction are our priorities. But North Shape's vision for a cleaner world didn't stop there, it went even further. Should every toy end its life in the trash What if toys could be sustainable and passed down from generation to generation Whenever North Shape models are designed, they seek to answer these questions. Wooden toys are timeless, they can be passed on to family or friends, creating a beautiful enchanted story in one object.t.


How are North shape cars produced

Minimalist design

The company's mission is to disseminate minimalist design, paying special attention to detail and the importance of form and material.

Material-friendly manufacturing methods

Made using CNC machines to obtain perfect shapes and ensure a toy without edges and pleasant to the touch. Each model is manually sanded up to 5 times.


Non-toxic water-based paints

The company only uses non-toxic wood stains to achieve beautiful, long-lasting colors. With a double coat of water-based paints, we ensure that the color of our models lasts for years.

Teinture voiture

Safety standards

Tested by an independent laboratory, all models meet European toy safety standards EN 71 and have CE marking.