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Wishbone Design Studio


About Wishbone Design Studio

What is Wishbone Design?

The company makes balance bikes, evolving trotters, or modernly-designed children's trolleys there. The company promotes the circular economy and offers repair kits so that each toy can be given a second life and thus passed on.

Wishbone's vision is defined as: Sustainable, Modular, Customizable, Easy to take apart, Repairable, Recyclable, Shareable.

Where are Wishbones made?

The family business created its first bike in New York before moving to New Zealand.

Evolving toys

This family-owned company designs transformable and repairable toys so you can replace many products you might have bought, broken and/or thrown away between the ages of 1 and 5.

The company's vision is to buy less, but better! By designing evolving draisies and carts engineered with only quality parts and smart design, the company makes it possible to replace many items during a child's development.

Wishbone makes smart toys with exceptional design. According to the Huffington Post, Wishbone Bike is "THE industry standard" for children's balance bikes.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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