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Small foot toys - Germany


Making promotional wooden items in the early 90s, it was not until 2002 that the German company focused on making toys in order to offer smiles to children. It is also the year when the daughter of one of the founders was born and from her footprint the logo was born.

The company attaches paramount importance to the quality of toys, but also to the protection of the environment during the manufacture of their products.

The long lifespan, the possibility of reusing toys, the use of means of transport (such as DHL Green), the installation of solar panels on the factory or even its various certifications (such as FSC), all this guarantees a Favorable “ecological balance”.

In addition, only lacquers and water-based paints are used. They comply with all European safety and environmental standards, are saliva resistant and solvent free.

The company has won several awards for the quality of its toys.