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Trotter, Carrier and walking cart


Trotters, baby carriers, walkers and walking carts for children as young as 1 year old.

Discover our collection of walker and walking cart for children. Multi-functional learning toys that keep little ones happy.


The carrier is a awakening toy with a wheel or caster that the child sits on with both feet on the ground that allow them to move around easily. They are often found in the form of a vehicle or character.

The child reinforces his learning to walk and develops his motor skills and muscles while having fun.

Walking cart (baby walker or pusher)

Also known as a walker or pusher, the walking cart allows the child to improve his gross motor skills, fine motor skills and coordination of their movements. It is an interesting first age toy for learning to walk.

It is advisable to offer a walking cart to children who have mastered the different stages of walking and are able to stand upright so as not to be carried away by the toy.


Beware, due to a large number of falls, especially on stairs, youpalas (A device consisting of a wheeled frame and a device to support the body and legs) have been banned for sale in Canada since 2007.