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Kalimba - Musical instrument


The kalimba this small thumb piano

Original to Africa the kalimba is also called "thumb piano". Originally this intuitive instrument accompanies the singing and lyrics of African griots and storytellers.

Composed of a wooden sounding board, this musical instrument is topped by metallic slats that vibrate with each pressure of the thumbs. This small instrument is very easy to play by children and emits a soft, melodious and magical sound.

There is a vast choice of kalimba, but as a musical instrument involved in the musical awakening of children, our kalimbas from the brands Djeco or Moulin Roty most often have eight notes.

Being easy to play, the kalimba is perfect for children. Simply hold it in both hands and press the metal slats of the instrument with your thumbs. We recommend using your fingernails to get a better sound. You can even create sound effects by moving your thumbs to the center hole at the time of a sound.

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