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Wooden imitation games


Children's Imitation and Role Playing Games

Discover our collection of wooden imitation games. These games allow children to act like grown-ups. Consisting of cash registers, wooden fruits and vegetables, merchant(s) stall, wooden kitchens, kitchen utensils, dinette... allow for long hours of play with your child.

Developing Life Experiences

Between 2 and 4 years old, children are eager to play imitation games. Consisting of dinettes, tools or lots of other ... They allow to imitate daddy, mommy, the baker, the doctor ...

With these wooden games, children recreate the world of the grown-ups and develop their imaginations.

Development of fine motor skills

Beyond the imaginary, the child by manipulating small objects, like a game of dinette, he works his fine motor skills. When feeding the baby or dressing him, he adjusts his gestures to achieve his goal.

Symbolic play

These toys encourage symbolic play where the child assigns a function to everyday objects, everyday scenarios. For example, the child uses a calculator as a telephone.