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Grapat wooden toys - Montessori games


Grapat toys

Montessori type open toys from Grapat Wooden toys.

Sometimes less is more. Fewer toys, fewer interruptions, fewer instructions.

It was inspired by the way their daughter played when she had the freedom to play with her natural environment in Catalonia, that Casiana and Jordi came up with the idea to found Grapat Wooden Toys.

Grapat makes games without instructions, open and autonomous games. Like Montessori pedagogy, the founders believe that when a toy is simplistic in appearance and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop their imaginations.

Grapat's toys are made using traditional processes, with materials that are almost all locally sourced, natural dyes that show the wood grain, and brightly colored waxes and oils that glow slightly. The wooden toys are hand-painted.

The dyes are water-based and non-toxic, and comply with the Toy in Europe Association's European safety rules.

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