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Quelques avantages des jouets en bois – Durables, développent l’imagination et éducatifs

Some advantages of wooden toys - Durable, imaginative and educational

The wooden toys offer benefits that may not be obvious at first. It is true that a wooden toy cannot make noise. He can't move on his own. It doesn't have a remote control. It does not use batteries. It can't do all the wonderful things that electronic toys do.

We will see:

However, rather than being a drawback, these things are actually beneficial. Not that there isn't a place for these types of toys, but rather that the wooden toy is a valuable addition to any child's toy collection.


Why choose wood?

Choosing wood as the material for a child's toy is a thoughtful and firm choice. Wood is a natural and environmentally responsible material, especially compared to plastic. Especially when it is made of FSC wood, a label that guarantees respect for the forest. Here are 3 benefits that wooden toys will bring you:

Its aesthetic

Let's face it, wooden toys are much prettier than plastic ones. This superior-looking wooden toy is a real decorative accessory that is easier to integrate into a child's bedroom or living room.

Its robustness

Wooden toys are indeed stronger and more durable than toys made of another material. Wooden toys are a guarantee of quality and will last over time. It can even be passed down from generation to generation.

Warm side

The wooden toys remain in their primary colors or painted in neutral colors (white, gray, black), bringing a soft and natural side that plastic toys do not have.


Which age groups are wooden toys suitable for?

First, you have wooden toys suitable for small children, such as wooden rattles for babies (from 3 months), cubes or puzzles for a year old, wooden toys that you can pull or push, which are generally intended for babies of around 6 months.

Then you will find wooden toys also called imitation toys, usually intended for children over 3 years old. This age is particularly necessary due to the small parts and accessories provided by the wooden toys themselves. Before the age of 3, children still put a lot of things in their mouths. This is why it is important to be vigilant.
However, you will also find imitation wood toys that can be used from 2 years old.



Wooden toys are mostly solid. They don't break easily. Due to their strength, they can withstand much more weight and pressure than other toys. This allows them to play in more ways than most adults think when deciding which toy to buy for their child.


Wooden toys give the imagination a huge reach. Because the toy bears no resemblance to the television programs the children have watched, their imaginations have a chance to develop. The number of different ways to play with the toy is limited only to how the child can use his imagination. The more a child exercises their imagination, the stronger it becomes.


There are many benefits for a child to have a strong imagination. It is a vehicle that allows you to have fun anytime and anywhere. Most people would agree that it is very useful, not only in childhood, but throughout life. Children also use the imagination to explore their world, their feelings and problems. It allows them to integrate their feelings, dreams and actions. In short, it is a valuable vehicle for them to grow into well-adjusted members of society.



The actual toy determines which educational factors can be developed. All wooden toys will have educational or developmental benefits such as baby carriers.

For example, the wooden puzzles can help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving. Of course, puzzles made from other materials offer the same advantages. Wooden puzzles, being stronger and more durable, can perhaps offer them more a long time.

Bead sequencing sets or other sorting games can provide hand-eye coordination and reasoning skills.

Anything that stimulates the process of discovery and learning will enhance the educational and developmental process of children. Wooden toys of all kinds can fall into this category.

Versatile wooden toys lend themselves to children creating new games with them every time they play with them. For this reason, children will often return to play with these toys. This makes wooden toys a great choice to add to any child's life.

What to do with wooden toys that your child no longer uses?

Wooden toys are very durable and can be used for generations. If your child is no longer interested in their toys, we encourage you to give them a second or third life.
Once cleaned, they can very well be given to children of friends or you can donate them to organizations such as the Réno toy foundation located in Quebec City.

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