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GUIDE - Sélection de jouets pour Noël

GUIDE - Selection of toys for Christmas

Find our selection of plastic-free wooden toys for Christmas

Every child is different, but we have fabulous toys for all ages. Our carefully chosen selection of beautiful wooden toys will inspire, educate and engage each one. This year, have a plastic-free, battery-free Christmas with our great toys.

Instead of praying to the inventory gods at the last minute, we want you to get a head start.

Last year, we recommended buying early due to pandemic-related shipping delays. Well, this year, we suggest you stock up even earlier!

Due to the continued impact of supply chain disruptions hampering toy manufacturers this year, we don't think there will necessarily be a featured toy like in the past. Rather, the most popular toys will be those that are in stock. It may be tempting to wait for the annual Mad Friday Weekend sales, but this is not the year to do it.

Discover toys for:

Babies 0-18 months

Babies 18-36 months

Children 3-5 years

Children 5-8 years

Children over 8 years

Babies 0-18 months

Your little one may not be ready to play ball or put a puzzle together yet, but there are many fun ways to play with him that will have long-term benefits for his physical and mental development.

Wishbone Flip: Carrier and Rocker Toy - 3 in 1

Wishbone Flip

At once a carrier, rocker, and trotter...the Wishbone Flip is an ideal and very fun toy for children ages 1-5!

This indoor toy develops coordination and leg movement in little ones. Thanks to its innovative design, you can transform it without tools

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Vilac Sound Cubes

Sound cubes by vilac

The little sound cubes are cute early learning toys. These 11 wooden sound cubes allow baby to develop their touch and hearing. Available in sea, savanna, farm or illustrator Suzy Ultman.

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Petilou Walking Cart from Le toy Van

Petilou Walking Cart from The Toy Van

Walking carts are must-have baby learning toys. Also known as a pusher or walker, Le Toy Van's multi-functional cart is beautifully decorated in a nature theme with garden and rainbow designs. The front features 10 different play activities and the sides have 1 play activity.

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Babies 18-36 months

Suzy Ultman's multi-activity shape box

Suzy Ultman's Shape Box

The shape box helps your child build hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills, as well as develop vocabulary (e.g., being able to identify and name shapes).

Suzy's cubes are a lot of fun! Each character makes a different sound to encourage your child's sensory development.

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Toddler Multi-Play Set by Michelle Carlslund

Michelle Carlslund Multi-Game Set

A set of five games, beautifully illustrated by Michelle Carlslund, specially designed for young children. It includes a fishing game, a lotto game, a touch and find game, a goose game, and a snakes and ladders game.

Discovering the toy

Candylab toys' little trucks

Candylab toys cars

At 3 inches long, these adorable vans are perfect for on-the-go adventures, collecting, building and construction play!

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Pull-out activity train - Trainimo jungle by Djeco

Tranimo jungle

This brightly colored wooden train includes 6 cars and 11 adorable wild animals. It provides a great opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills and logical thinking.

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Children ages 3 to 5

Vilacity boat, crane and truck by Vilac

Vilacity by Vilac

A collection of beautifully designed wooden toys for children as young as 3 years old. Made up of play sets such as boats, trucks and a crane, this beautiful range allows boys and girls to build their own city and invent beautiful stories.

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Large multi-game set illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius

ingela P. Arrhenius game box

Large multigame box illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius in her vintage and retro spirit. Consists of 2 wooden game boards decorated on both sides, a deck of 52 cards and a game rules booklet. Contains 1 backgammon, 1 game of goose, 1 game of little horses, 1 game of queen, 1 deck of 52 cards.

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Children ages 5-8

Chess set for children ages 6 and up by Ingela P. Arrhenius

Chess Set

Each piece is designed by Swedish designer Ingela P. Arrhenius and made of wood. The set includes 32 chess pieces, a wooden game board, a cloth bag for easy storage and comes in an equally beautiful cardboard box.

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Waytoplay Circuits

Waytoplay Circuits

The only brand of toy featured on Tite chouette that isn't wooden. Made of recycled rubber the Waytoplay Circuits are a blast to use indoors, outdoors or in the bath!

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Little Monkey Nesting Dolls

Little Monkey nesting dolls

They are unique and decorated by European artists, Little Monkey nesting dolls are beautiful decorative items for children's rooms. Discovering the toy

Kids over 8

Djeco's Zig and go action-reaction games

Composed of several complete games or expansions, the Zig and Go action-reaction games allow the child the skill to form the courses, and he will discover some physical laws such as gravity.

Discovering the toy

Kendama (bilboquet) by Krom

kendama krom pop

A real social phenomenon among young people in Europe, it's the big comeback of bilboquets, including the world kendoma championships, which allow for artistic tricks.

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Keith Haring chess sets from Vilac

keith haring chess set

Here's a nice graphic chess set in the pure style of American artist Keith Haring. Perfect for starting to play.

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Hopefully you were able to find some ideas in our selection.

We recommend keeping an eye out for good deals on our promotional page.

More than ever this year, we recommend putting wood under the tree this year!

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