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Comment créer des mandalas et jouer avec les jeux ouverts de Grapat

How to create mandalas and play with Grapat's open games

We get a lot of questions about using Grapat spare parts mandala parts. When can children start playing with it? Which games should you buy first? How many coins do they need? How do children play with these pieces?

Using pieces from Grapat's mandala collection

How to make a mandala?

You must have seen a mandala at some point and be struck by the beauty of its design. A mandala is a circular design originating in India, which means "sacred circle" or a group of shapes around a center.

Creating them is a very relaxing activity for children and adults, so let's release the stress and focus on the creative process.

You will find different ways to make children's mandalas using a variety of materials, such as sand painting, using paints on glass for stained glass mandalas, the use of watercolors.

We will advise you in the process of making a mandala using wooden pieces of the brand Grapat.

These are small pieces of wood of different colors, sizes and shapes , perfect for creating those beautiful round patterns.

When creating mandalas, children can intuitively work on g geometric shapes to achieve circular designs.

The shape of the pieces helps to create this type of design, as usually we will place a central piece and we will create concentric rings created by more pieces around this center.

When we leave the center, we can wonder if we skipped a segment, or if we interspersed two different types of segments to form a series or pattern, which would also allow us to reason logically.

It is a creative process that encourages the use of imagination and creativity.

We are also working on fine motor skills and hand-eye control and spatial orientation.

Mandalas can be done on the floor, on a table, or a circular base can be used to delineate space.

Loose part collection

When can kids start playing with them?

Manadala with Nins grapat

First of all, think about safety - Grapat spare parts are suitable are intended for children 3 years and older. These are small parts that pose a choking hazard to young children. If you are looking for spare parts with which toddlers can play safely, I recommend the rings, parts and nins Grapat. Plus, once your kids are a bit older, these pieces can be combined with individual pieces for even more fun and possibilities.

Which games should I buy first?

If you are a beginner, we advise you to take:

  • blue raindrop
  • green tree
  • pink flowers or purple eggs
  • yellow honeycomb

So you get a variety of colors and shapes, not to mention that they come with built-in build and play options.

If you have rings and coins, the possibilities are endless!

How many do I need?

We recommend complete sets. This allows me to build more and bigger designs as I have all shades and shapes.

Indeed these toys can entertain adults too.

What is the idea of ​​the game?

  • Color Grading
  • Mandala Building
  • Scene Creation
  • Calm and Self-Regulating Play

Sometimes I just show our parts Grapat Loose Part because they look simple and beautiful.

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