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How to choose a ride ons?

The ride ons is one of those toys that is a walking aid for every child. In general, it is around 12 months that the child receives his first ride ons. You still have to make the right choice and know the difference between a baby pusher or a walker.

Discover all the criteria for choosing the best baby pusher, understand what it is for and when to buy a wooden ride ons?

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Why and when to buy a ride ons?

What is a ride ons?

The ride ons: is a playful accessory on wheels, designed for children who are new to walking, and giving them the balance they lack at the start. With a ride ons, the child sits astride and uses his legs to propel himself, without ever being suspended. It is therefore important to distinguish the ride ons from the baby walker or pusher.

The baby walker: a dangerous harness The walker stricto sensu is a device fitted with wheels and a hammock, in which the baby is suspended. Be aware that the baby walker with hammock is prohibited for sale in many countries, as it is considered dangerous.

From a postural point of view, it is also very bad for the spine, which is not supported. It is also a source of bad reflexes, because the child develops reflexes contrary to natural walking: the baby develops downward verticality (he tries to push himself down to hang on) while walking develops upward verticality (strength comes from the feet).

Baby pusher, also called a walker, it is a walker intended for the first age, with 4 wheels and a rear support to stand up. Baby pusher and ride ons are frequently combined, thanks to the back of the ride ons, a support to play in pusher mode.

Why buy a ride ons: the interest of the ride ons

Interest of the baby wearer for the child

As an early learning toy, the baby pusher or carrier has many advantages such as a real aid for playful walking. It is a means of physical and sensory development, allowing the baby to test different positions, to discover the movements of coordination, to feel the postures and its muscles, to initiate the notions of balance.

This motor learning is particularly visible during the transition to the tricycle: a child who has practiced the carrier between 18 and 24 months will immediately focus on learning to pedal, while a baby without experience will first be inhibited by his fear of space and the possibility of falling.

Beyond the advantages in terms of postural development, these awakening games also allow the baby to develop his autonomy by exploring the space around him: they gain self-confidence, develop self-esteem and open up to the world. It is therefore an early learning game contributing at the same time to the balanced psychological development of any baby.

When to buy a ride ons?

To make the most of this interest, the ride ons must be of the correct age. Often the child can use it from 6 months to 5 years depending on the model. Of course, it should never be left unattended.

Baby gift idea: a ride ons

For parents, grandparents or a godfather, for example, the ride ons is a very good idea for a birth gift, which is fun and useful. It is an ideal gift for a 1-year-old baby, however obviously choose a sturdy ride ons, such as a wooden ride ons. 

How to choose the best wooden ride ons?

Wooden ride ons: advantages and disadvantages

It is undoubtedly the most ecological and solid ride ons, it is part of a concept of sustainable development. It's also the most natural, compared to plastic that's typically treated with multiple chemicals. It ensures a natural grip by baby, closer to contact with nature. It has only two slight drawbacks: like any ride ons, it is not recommended to leave it outside for a long time; it may also be a little heavier than a standard ride ons and may be more difficult for very young babies to handle.

On the other hand, some psychomotor therapists consider this weight to be a plus, in order to develop the child's musculoskeletal structure and postural positions. On the other hand, this weight is an important element guaranteeing much more stability and therefore much more safety for the young child.

Ferdinand the cat and zimba the panther wooden ride-on toys by Moulin roty

Resembling a pretty cat or a pretty panther, carriers in solid wood from moulin roty will allow children to develop their balance and motor skills by pushing on his legs.

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