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How to choose a wooden rocking horse?

Just like the ride-on or walking carts, rocking horses and animals are a popular baby shower or first year birthday gift for new babies and toddlers. They make a great room decoration and baby toy that new parents will love.

Just like the ride-on, it is not easy to choose a good quality rocking horse for your little one. Here we offer some tips and advice for choosing the best rocking horse for your children, whether it's a baby a few months old, a one-year-old, a toddler, a girl or a boy.

We have highlighted a few things you need to consider when choosing the right wooden rocking horse for your child: seat size and height, longevity, mechanisms, quality and safety, as well as styles and designs.


We will see:


What is a rocking horse?

Astrong>rocking horse is a toy for children that mimics the shape of a horse. It appeared in its current form in the 17th century and became very popular over the next two centuries, especially in England.

Mass production of these toys began in the 1840s thanks to the Industrial Revolution. In rural areas, these toys were made by hand until the middle of the 20th century.

A rocking horse is a carved horse that sits on a sturdy support so that a child can move it safely.

Originally made of wood with or without leather saddles, the rocking chair type system allows the child to initiate movement to simulate the movement of a horse due to the swinging of the toy.

Rocking animal seat size

Rocking horses are not one size fits all. Most baby rocking horses have seats. Their sizes and seat heights are therefore key elements that you should consider in your decision process for baby rocking horse or toddler rocking horse.

There are rocking horses and rocking animals for babies as young as 6 months old. There are also some that can be used for your children up to 12 years old.

Leaving aside the traditional custom made wooden vintage rocking horses, here are some normal dimensions of the seat heights you can find in many rocking horses on the market.


Recommended seat height

More than 6 months 28-32 cm | 11 - 12.5 inches
More than a year
34-40 cm | 13.4 - 15.75 inches
More than 18 months 55 cm | 21.7 inches
More than 2 years 60 cm | 23.6 inches

*Dimensions below are for reference only.

Although you may think that toy horses don't last longer, your little one can still ride on these rocking toys even when they're toddlers and reach 2 or 3 years old. In general, baby rocking horses or toddler rocking horses can support a child's weight of up to 15-20 kg.

It's hard to tell which baby rocking horses are particularly good or bad. As long as your child and baby can fit comfortably on it, they should be a good rocking horse to keep.

As you can understand, some children are taller and heavier than others. It's just the nature of human beings. So, for example, if your baby is one year old, but smaller than the others, you can consider choosing the rocking horse from the 9 month old rocking horses and animals. These are individual decisions based on your own baby's situation.

Longevity of a wooden rocking horse

We understand that when choosing the best rocking horse, behind any decision, moms and grandmas have different logics in deciding how the animal and rocking horse will be used and for how long, they want it to last. Here are our main points to consider.

For example:

If your baby is 9 months old, but you want the rocking horse or animal to last as long as possible, instead of the 9 month old rocking horse range, it might be better to consider the 12 month horse range. Yes, your baby will most likely need your help to play with the rocking horse at first, but as 12 month old horses are 10cm taller at the seat than our 9 month old horses, this obviously means that there is an extra 10cm of room for the child to grow.

There is no one suggestion that works for all families and all children. Take a look at our full ranges to decide what's best for you and your baby.

The rocking horse mechanism

In the history of rocking horses, many traditional and modern rocking horses and animals simply use the classic arch rocking mechanism.

Basically, this means that the horse sits on an arc-shaped base, usually made of wood. As children use their upper body strength to push their weight forward and down onto the horse, the seesaw tilts forward and back to create the rocking motions.

Qualities and safety

Choosing a good quality rocking horse and the animal that is safe for your little ones may not be as easy as it seems. Most of the wooden rocking toys for toddlers or baby rocking horses available in the market have passed or have gone through safety testing procedures. When we select our ranges of rockers, we place the utmost importance on quality.

All toys created and sold in the European Union must comply with CE safety standards. This means that manufacturers are required to perform tests to comply with all requirements, as well as to use all permitted materials and manufacturing processes.

However, as you would expect, most products are created in the countries of the Far East, in today's global economy, through a mass production process. Not all manufacturers are diligent enough to ensure that the highest level of production quality is maintained.

Good quality does not always mean that the product is well made. It can also mean that the development of the product has been well thought out for your babies and young children.


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