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Let's talk about wooden games and toys

[GUIDE] Jouets Montessori : Types, avantages et recommandations

[GUIDE] Montessori Toys: Types, Benefits and Recommendations

The Montessori philosophy is experiencing a resurgence of interest near parents and educators. Although it is already more than 100 years old, it still represents an innovative alternative pedagogy today.

They stimulate children's imagination by being simple, far from the appearance of typical colorful plastic toys.

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  • Cheval à bascule en bois pour bébé

    How to choose a wooden rocking horse?

    "Traditional" rocking horses are usually suitable for children over 3 years old. However, children have loved going there since the age of 2!
    So under the supervision of adults, why deprive them of this pleasure?

    For babies over 9 months, there are specific models. These rocking toys feature low wraparound seats and sometimes ties designed to hold them in place and prevent them from sliding around.

    These toddler models have lower seats (less than 30cm) than the taller models, and the arched shape allows for a smoother swing. Finally, these toys are made of a silk material, which is softer and protects your baby from shocks when he bumps into it.
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  • Porteur bébé et trotteur de wishbone toys

    How to choose a ride ons?

    A ride ons is a favorite toy for toddlers who have not yet walked. Typically, a child receives his or her first baby carrier around 12 months. Carriers are ideal for developing balance. The child tries different supports, becomes aware of the weight of his body to move forward, turn around... He also develops his coordination and leg muscles by moving against his legs. But it also taught him to organize himself in the surrounding space. The baby carrier reinforces self-esteem by allowing the child to move quickly. A ride ons develops the child's autonomy.
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  • Tricycle wishbone bike

    How to choose the right balance bike for your child

    A balance bike is very similar to a standard bike, the only difference is thatit does not have pedals. The child's feet are in constant contact with the ground which allows them to be stable. Toddlers develop their balance through the intuitive process of walking while sitting on the saddle. Once comfortable, the child can pick up speed by trotting or even running with the bike. He will even be able to let the speed carry him by lifting his feet.
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  • GUIDE - Sélection de jouets pour Noël

    GUIDE - Selection of toys for Christmas

    Every child is different, but we have fabulous toys for all ages. Our carefully chosen selection of beautiful wooden toys will inspire, educate and engage everyone. Have a plastic and battery free Christmas this year with our great toys.

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  • Maria Montessori en 1913

    Maria Montessori, a woman ahead of her time

    Born in Chiaravalle, Italy, in 1870, Maria Montessori displayed a strong personality during her childhood. At a young age, she wanted to become an engineer and attended an all-boys technical school, even though her father did not agree. She then...

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  • L'histoire des jouets en bois

    The history of wooden toys

    Toys have been an important part of childhood since the earliest civilizations, and while children today are very different from those of thousands of years ago, many of their favorite toys are similar to those that have existed for centuries. As far back as the Greek and Roman empires, we know that children played with dolls, horses and chariots. The earliest toys discovered by archaeologists were all made of wood.
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  • Gratuit - Dessins à colorier et activités à télécharger

    Free - Drawings to color and activities to download

    Ideal for keeping kids busy, we've gathered downloadable resources offered by artists or our toy brands.

    To keep our little owl busy, we have searched for coloring activities to keep him occupied that we share with you here. You will find drawings to color, memory games, observation games illustrated by artists.

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